Plymouth 2.0 Rules

  1. First and foremost, this is and will always remain a roleplay server. This includes staying in character at all times. If there is an issue during a scenario, you must play it out and open a ticket in the Plymouth Discord to be handled accordingly once the scenario is completed.
  2. There is a zero tolerance policy for any forms of discrimination, racism, sexism, homophobia and suicide rp. This will result in a severe sanction.
  3. Random Deathmatch (RDM) / Vehicle Deathmatch (VDM) is not allowed. Communication and contact must have been established before conflict occurs. This will result in a severe sanction.
  4. Combat Log / F8 + Quit / ALT + F4 while in an active scenario will result in a 24 hour ban, longer if it's not first time offense
  5. You must show value for your character’s life. No value of life (NVL) will result in a severe sanction. For example: if a gun is pointed at your character, you must act as such.
  6. The use of mods, exploitations or third-party communications with other in-game citizens (e.g. discord vc, twitch streams) are prohibited whilst in the city. Metagaming and the use of external information in the city will result in a severe sanction.
  7. A limit of 4 people in a group can be involved in any hostile situation including bank robberies, bank trucks and jewelry store robberies.
  8. Block Rule : You are allowed to use 8 of our members on your block to defend it if an altercation / hostility arises. You are not allowed to bring people back to your block (crims, civilians, cops, etc) while you are actively being pursued, being shot at or taken someone hostage. The only time you are allowed  to bring them back to your block is if you do not surpass the Rule of 4, otherwise if someone attacks  you at your block this is when  you can use more than 4.
  9. FailRP must be reported with the discord ticket system. This includes any and all OOC talk within the city. Staff will investigate and make a decision. All staff decisions are final.
  10. Gangs must have no more than 8 sworn in members. To be established, a gang must submit an application for approval by staff. This is available in discord.
  11. The new life rule is triggered once you die and respawn at the hospital. You must not remember the situation leading to the respawn. You must not force-perma someone else's character. This must be established OOC first.
  12. Initiating Gun Play - Need to have some sort of initiation to encounter a gun scene. Meaning, if you plan on shooting someone there needs to be some acknowledgement of either why its happening or its going to happen.
    1. Example: You run up to someone you are beefing with and tell them to put their hands up / threaten them as to why you are doing it. 
    2. Example : Posting on twitter to another group, person or gang that you are actively searching them and its 'on sight'
  13. Excessive profanity or out of character offensive language, threats or racism is prohibited.
  14. To have a refund you must have Video proof
  15. No flying allowed in the city unless your character is Licensed to do so /a member of PD or EMS. If found doing so it will result in a severe sanction
  16. Helmets : Helmets are meant for proper use in the city such as you are riding a motorcycle or match it with an outfit. They do prevent 1 tap headshots from being a thing and this is why we state that if you are actively looking to seek out hostile engagements or are in a scenario that does go hostile while wearing the helmet, you will be talked to in a ticket about a possible punishment
  17. Bans : Talking about your 'Bahamas' trip in city or to other people is not allowed. Talking about the reason you are banned, how you feel about the ban, etc. Does not help the situation out for anyone. Please, keep it to yourself. Open a ticket to talk about it


When in doubt, open a ticket in discord to establish the rules with staff.