Welcome to Plymouth RP

Plymouth has been a growing community for going on 2 years (in December) and continuely making changes to keep things exciting for them. We have recently done a 3.0, or others would call a wipe, that released on August 6th and so many people in the community have loved the changes thus far. Server Restart Times : 3am CST - 11am CST - 7pm CST



New Changes in 3.0?

    - Market system that you can check out in your phone that regulates certain jobs / hobbies or illegal crimes payouts to keep things fresh

    - A complete overhaul on heists

    - More civilian jobs to do like farming, panning for gold, gas tanker, etc    

    - New MDT System for Police

    - So much more to offer and with tons of quality of life updates


What to expect when joining Plymouth?

    - We are a public server but you have to join the discord and get a role in order to join

        - More details when joining the discord

    - We have many great roleplayers here that provide realism and even the twist of hollywood aspect to keep things interesting

    - A community willing to except new people in and to listen to any sort of changes that could benefit the community



    - On average, we generally have 6-16 cops on our peak times and continuely grow

    - Hands on training with a new Academy system we have decided to go with to help cadets, or officers brushing up on skills, to master the art of being a cop

    - You will find a wide variety of cop personalities that keep the job interesting



    - A well rounded ems staff that generally has 2-4+ members on duty on our peak times

    - Many different vehicle options to choose from 

    - Overall, a solid group of people willing to train new comers or people looking to do EMS on the side


What are you waiting for?! Come check us out!